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How the Experts Choose Their Cat's Scratching Posts

All cats and kittens are compelled to scratch as part of their natural behavior. Scratching is beneficial because it allows them to shed the sheaths of their claws and to stretch. You must provide at least one good quality scratching post. If your cat does not have a scratching post to use, he may resort to scratching your furniture or cabinets. In a multiple cat household, each cat should have his own scratching post.

If you are a cat lover with a big heart, you may want to adopt every homeless cat in the animal shelter, but be realistic. You cannot take in every stray that comes along. So how many cats are too many? It depends on the size of your home and your budget. Each cat you adopt will need plenty of space in your house, his own litter box, food dishes, and annual veterinary care. Owning 3 cats is realistic, but owning 10 or 15 could quickly become unmanageable. Some cat owners like to start out with a pair of kittens. They can play together and grow up together, while others are content with one cat who becomes a devoted companion. However many cats you adopt, make sure that each one is given lots of love and the best care possible.

Your local pet supply store will have a variety of scratching posts from which to choose. Most are made from wood covered with carpeting. Some are made of sisal string, cardboard, or natural wood. When choosing one, make sure that it has a sturdy, side base so that your cat cannot knock it over when scratching. The post should be tall enough so that he can stand on his back feet, anchor in his front feet and claw away.

Place the post near the area in which your cat normally sleeps. They like to stretch and scratch after they wake up from a nap. If you have a large home, you may want to buy a few scratching posts and place them all over the house so that your feline companion always has one nearby.

This section will discuss a bit on kitty condos. A trip to the pet store will give you many ideas about the types, sizes, and styles of cat condos or perches available. Some condos are designed like playgrounds, with perches, ledges, hideaways, and toys to keep your cat entertained. Depending on your budget, you can buy carpeted condos that double as hideaways and scratching posts or towers with several levels that allow your cat to sit up high and survey his domain.

Instead of relying on metal ID tags, some owners use microchips to identify their pets. A veterinarian can inject a microchip directly into your cat or kitten. The chip does not harm him, and it can be inserted at about eight weeks of age. It is a permanent form of identification, and it cannot become lost or removed by the cat because it is placed under the muscle near the shoulder. If your pet gets lost and is turned into an animal rescue organization or shelter, the workers will scan him and use the special code on the chip to contact you. Whether you opt for micro chipping or the more traditional metal ID tags, remember to update your contact information if you move.

Keep an eye on the condition of the scratching post. If it becomes worn out or frayed, replace it with a new one.

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