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What You Need to Know About Cat Dandruff

Many breeds of cats suffer from dry, sensitive skin. This can cause scaling and flaking; in short, it can cause cat dandruff. If you are concerned about your cats skin, you should look for these signs of cat dandruff.

First, the most diagnostic sign is skin flakes in their coat; just as humans have scalp flakes you can see in their hair, you can see flakes in a cat's coat. You may have to look closely, depending on the length and color of your cat's coat. Use a stiff comb to gently move the fur to get a good look, but do not irritate the skin by brushing with the stiff comb; use a soft brush for grooming your cat.

Second, brush your car regularly, and look for signs of flakes on the brush, in the air, or around the area where you brush your cat. You can also massage or scratch your cat and look for flakes on your own hands and nails. Third, check the areas in which your cat usually sleeps. If your cat has dandruff, there will be a light coat of flakes on the pillow, blanket, or couch they favor. Check all of their favorite spots, and look carefully, as flakes may be small, or attached to shed fur.

Finally, keep an eye on their behavior. Cats with dandruff have dry, sensitive skin that is easily irritated. They will signal that their skin is irritated by excessive licking and grooming, rubbing against objects, and scratching. All of these are normal behaviors, but if they suddenly increase, that is a sign that that they may have a skin condition that needs your attention.

If you do see any of these signs with your cat, you should talk to your veterinarian. There are many different conditions that can look like dandruff, such as a parasite infestation, and so it is important to be sure that you are treating the right condition. In addition, your vet can determine the cause or causes of your cat's skin condition, and suggest effective treatments, which may include special shampoos and lotions, nutritional changes, or removal of allergens from your cat's environment.

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