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Tips For a Healthy Cat

The first step of keeping your new kitty healthy is to take some time and get to know his or her personality. There are truly no two cats alike, as each one has its own unique personality that is totally different from any other cat. Each cat develops his or her own routine and habits that they develop. Pay close attention to the way your cat acts when he is well so that you can note any change in his behavior if he should become sick. Get to know your cat and enjoy him as you are learning about him and what he is like.

On the average your cat should have a visit to the vet's office at least once a year for a routine checkup. This is to keep your pet vaccinated properly and to ensure that your pet is healthy and receiving the type of care he needs to be healthy. You can help by checking your cat when you are petting him or playing with him. Make sure to look him over and watch for ticks. Ticks can burrow deep down inside of the skin and spread diseases and make the cat itch. Also make sure to feel all around on your cat checking for any sign of lumps or other abnormalities on his body. It's good to keep doing this as over time you will get good at it and be able to spot an abnormality a lot better than when you first started.

If you see any black specks in your cat's ears or some kind of thick fluid coming from your cat's eyes you need to take your cat to your vet immediately. This could be a sign of a more serious problem, or just simply to get the problem taken care of so your cat can get treated as soon as possible. This is very important and if a problem is left unchecked it has the potential to be fatal.

Another essential to maintaining your cat's health is proper grooming. Grooming your cat needs to be done regularly in order for your cat to be healthy. Cats shed a lot and have a lot of dead hair that you can remove through the grooming process. You should look into purchasing a comb that is specially made to help get rid of fleas and ticks. Make sure to regularly trim up your cat's claws as well. This may seem easy, but it does require you to be very careful and pay close attention to make sure you don't clip the claws too short. If you aren't very experienced with this type of thing you can always purchase a book or two on it that will walk you through the whole experience.

Taking proper care of your cat will ensure a long healthy life for your kitty and will enable you to enjoy your furry friend for many years to come.

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