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Information Regarding the Japanese Bobtail Cat

Made prominent by its short tail, Japanese Bobtail is an ancient feline that is thought to have resided in Japan for many centuries. There are numerous interesting legends associated with the beautiful feline, which is considered to be a symbol of good fortune in Japanese folklore. Japanese Bobtails were first imported to United States in late nineteen sixties. Following some years of formal breeding, acceptance of its status as a distinct breed came in the seventies. Both long and shorthair variants of the cat are recognized. Registration came late in United Kingdom, only at the turn of twenty first century.

Japanese Bobtails have an elegant semi-foreign build with good muscular development. They have a square rather than a rectangular profile and are not tubular like some oriental breeds. Head is triangular with slanted, oval eyes, well developed cheek bones and large, widely set ears. Coat is seen in a number of colors in van, tabby and tortoiseshell patterns. Both short and semi-long hair versions have a smooth, silky feel to them. Longhaired cats' tails are fluffier and are like pom-poms. Legs are long, with hind legs being longer than fore legs.

Though they also have a short tail, Japanese Bobtails are quite different from the Manx and American Bobtail cat. Their genetic mutation is different. Body structure and profile is also unique in case of the Japanese cat. Even the short plumed tail is distinct, with each individual cat having a singular tail size and appearance.

Japanese Bobtails are reputed to be very brave and fearless creatures. They are not afraid of other animals and mingle easily with dogs and other large pets. Energetic and active, these sturdy cats are good athletes and spend lots of time daily playing with their toys. Quick to mature and develop from birth, Japanese Bobtails are among the most confident and self-assured feline breeds.

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