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Tips to Know About Your Kitten's Care

Caring for your kittens care is a very important thing and there are some things that you will have to learn about the well being of your kittens care. Before you get a cat make sure you educate yourself, there are a lot of cat training books out there (check out my recommendation). Here are some tips that every cat owner should know.

Kittens care tips:

Litter box

  • Choose a litter box that is not to big or to small
  • Do not buy cheap dusty litter
  • Make sure that there is enough litter in the litter box (use a safe, non-toxic, non-lumping, non-scented litter for now)
  • Clean the litter box once a day, preferably after each movement.
  • Change the litter every 1 1/2 weeks

Litter training
  • Kittens can use the litter box after 4 weeks old (if you have a mother cat then your kitten will follow its mother)
  • Be sure to place the kittens in the box after each meal (take the kittens' paws and rub them in the litter)
  • Place the kitten in the box 30 minutes after play or meals.
  • Stimulate interest in the litter by stirring it
  • Let the kitten jump in and out of the litter ( do not restrain him)
  • Place your box in a quiet place, that is not busy

Cat proofing

  • Cats enjoy batting around cords from hanging blinds (don't allow this because your cat will choke himself)
  • Do not leave jewelry around, like earrings or small chains
  • Make sure all electric cords are not visible
  • Be very careful if you have a lot of plant (a lot of them are poisonous)
  • Kittens love to climb and scratch so make sure you cover you furniture

Get a cat training book

Here's a great cat training book I strongly recommend. if your serious about cat training and want ot learn how to train your cat then check out this cat training book

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