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Solve Any Cat Behavior Problem

So let me guess, your reading this article because you have a cat behavior problem and you don't know what to do about it. Right? Is your cat out of control and you just don't know what to do to stop you cat behavior problem.

Here are a couple of bad cat behavior problems and how to solve them:

My cat uses my carpet as the litter box This is a recall common cat behavior problem and most cat owners just don't know how to solve it. Try these tips:

  • Make sure your cat litter is not scented
  • Do not use cheap dusty cat litter
  • Place litter box in a quiet, non busy place
  • Change litter frequently

My cat scratches everything! Just about every cat owner has to deal with this cat behavior problem, so don't think that your cat does not like you. Here are some tips to help stop this:
  • Trim your cat claws
  • Pay attention to your cats scratching patterns (does he like to scratch side to side up and down). Once you figure this out you can buy a scratching post that fits his needs
  • Your cat is telling you that he is bored and you need buy some toys
  • Cats are curious, divert there attention to other things

Cat aggression problems This cat behavior problem is not good at all and you need to fix this as soon as possible before he hurts a child or you! There are a couple of techniques that have worked for me for year now:
  • Find a secret weapon, cats hate surprises so what you can do is get a horn, a water spray bottle, or something that will startle your cat.
  • After you have your secret weapon use it right after your cat displays bad cat behavior.
  • Right after you surprise your cat say "no" in a firm, not loud, tone.

Get cat training book!

Here's a great Cat training book that I strongly recommend. It will teach how train your cat to use the litter box guaranteed! It's a really great book check it out. And not only will you learn litter training but you will learn how to solve any cat training problem in a couple days!

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