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Feline Urinary Tract Infection Remedies

Urinary tract infections (UTI) more frequently occur in cats than in dogs. While the infection can put forth severe discomforts to felines, headaches will most likely surmount for the pet owner in the course of finding a sustainable treatment.

In many instances, treatment with veterinary medicine do not produce encouraging results of healing despite the conduct of a complicated diagnosis or prescription of costly pet antibiotics. Nonetheless, without proper and immediate treatment, the infection could progress to chronic status, further jeopardize feline health and entail additional veterinary expenses. Learning and applying practical solutions for pet UTI prevention and treatment is never a waste of time and effort.

Let us examine the conventional veterinary treatments prescribed and furthermore probe into alternative forms of treatment such as pet herbal supplements designed to cure feline urinary tract infections.

Conventional Feline UTI Treatments

Veterinarians would likely prescribe pet antibiotics for UTI in cats. For instances of chronic UTI, catheterization or surgery will be recommended to save your cat's life. As nutritional support to routine urinary tract system functioning, feeding your pet with commercial cat food that is supposedly packed with essential nutrients is perceived ideal. To further prevent the likelihood of infections, hygienic practices from the supply of fresh, clean water at all times to the provision of an adequate number of litter boxes is encouraged to stimulate healthy urination in cats.

Alternative Feline UTI Treatments

Nonetheless, mainstream practices are not always successful in the control of the disease. There are instances where the recurrence of urinary tract disorders would transpire following extensive treatment. Wonder what went wrong? Dietary formulas prepared for felines often contend with the feeding habits of cats in the wild. Meanwhile, medications are inclined to impair the biochemic processes sustaining feline health, compromise immune defenses and promote recurrent infections or other diseases.

To address the severe side effects of veterinary medicine in its long term use, feline UTI treatment can be pursued through holistic methods with the use of natural remedies or herbal remedies. By way of holistic support, UTI symptoms are relieved, the urinary tract system of felines are reinforced and recurrence is prevented.

This level of health care can now be accessed through the use of standardized herbal supplements formulated to heal pet bladder infections. Among the herbal ingredients employed in supplements promoting this benefit include the natural antibiotics Barberry and Bearberry as well as the urinary tract restorative Cantharis. Your pet can now take advantage of this package of medicinal benefits with every dose of PetAlive UTI-Free, a standardized herbal supplement designed for the overall support of pet urinary tract system.

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