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Cat Training Supplies - "Get the Right Tool For the Job!"

What Tools are needed and why?

Imagine if you would going on a family holiday and leaving your luggage behind. That is what it is like if you do not have the right equipment to train your cat. It is a nightmare! But luck is on your side in this article as I am coming to your aid. The correct tools for the correct job are not expensive. What is more important is that you know your goals in training your cat. These could be to stop scratching, litter training, what to play with and were to sleep. With these in mind let us now consider each point:

1. A Litter Tray: These are without doubt essential for any cat owner. When choosing a litter box any owner must consider access and exit and privacy for the cat. It should also have fairly high sides as cat cover their waste and the litter can be thrown around. Personally I prefer to have one without a cover that is somewhere private but easy to get to for the cat.

2. A Scratch Post: Cats are hunters by nature and their claws are their weapons. It is essential that they keep them sharp. They do this by scratching at your walls, furniture and . . legs! Ouch. . yes a scratch post is ESSENTIAL! Any good post must be solid and durable. Some of the best have a coarse, durable rope bound round them. If you fancy making your own make it as strong and sturdy as you can and cover it in a similar rope or old carpet. I have seen some made out of tree branch that has been rigidly mounted. Cats loved it!

3. A Bed For The Cat: Cats will sleep anywhere that is warm and comfortable. Preferably soft as well! This is the easiest training aid to supply as an old pillow or even a blanket will do as long as it is in a warm area. Also make it appealing to the cat by adding a smell like Catnip and making sure the area is private as well.

4. Toys: All cats love to play! Especially if the toy moves, like a piece of yarn or string. One of my cats had a love of paper. So Christmas was celebrated by him as well. Toys are a good way of teaching your cat tricks and interacting with them. Don't simply use a piece of string improvise with other materials so that your cat gets a lots of different toys and textures to play with.


Get the right cat training supplies and the whole experience is both cheap and very rewarding indeed. As this article has explained it is very easy to acquire these cat training supplies and it also need not cost a lot either.

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