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How to Build a Kitty Condo

Tired of being your cat toy climbing? Why pay this outrageous price for a cat that Condo crumbles too fast? Build your own and make the furry critters happy for years and years! Here's one you can build for itself.

Things you need:

* Hammer
* Screwdriver
* Pencil
* Gun Staples
* Drill (and 1 "bit for countersinking)
* Wooden tongs
* Measuring tape
* Saw (if you do not use pre-cut)
* 200-500 feet Sisal Rope
* The wood glue
* Remnants of carpets (odor and seek lightly carpet or untreated)
* 1 / 4 "x 3-1/23 lag bolts
* Flat washers to fit the screws
* 1-1/2 "wood screws
* Heavy wire Brad Staples
* Staples basic pistol
* 1 2x4
* Plywood (size to be determined later)
* 4x4 posts (duration to be determined later)

Step 1: Assembly: Decide how big you want it, because it can be done 2 feet tall or 6 feet tall. This is how you will determine the amount of supplies it needs. Much of it resemble conjecture, but it works quite easy. Let me describe this in a size 4 feet and can reduce, add, attach side by side ... the possibilities are endless.

Step2: You will need two pieces of plywood; 3x3 "is a good size to work with them. Glue these together with wood glue. Clamp together and allow to dry. Once dry, focused and about 4-5 inches, 2 drill holes, almost side by side. Do this once again at the opposite end. Countersink these holes with 1-inch bit so you can break the bolts and not scratch his word. Cover with a carpet remnant to wrap around the edges and attached with nails at the bottom.

Step 3: Now take two pieces of 4x4 or its trunk, one at 4 'and one in 22. Attach these to the base by 2 screws, washer first to each piece. At this moment I can guarantee that if you can get in the room, your cat (s) with you and very curious

Step4: Ok, time for the fun part! The shelves and a ramp! You will need 1 to 1 'and 1 to 1 ¼ "sq. pieces of plywood for shelving. Cover the pieces with carpet as did the base. Take the larger of the two and attach it to the lowest since butting up to the highest in against one. Attach with woodscrews, not too tight, either in attachment until it settles into place. The use of in woodscrews a slight angle, screw on top after the top of the plywood, do the same on the back short. countersink the screws tighten and once it has settled into place. Attach the smallest piece, centered at the top after the screw through the top as well. Do not be afraid using some screws!

Now you can take the 2x4 and only thinking about how long you wish, lean anywhere in the post higher up the base, choose their preference... ask your cat if you want! Attach with woodscrews and countersunk. You can wrap this piece on the carpet if you want to work but much better to wrap a rope (if not using a natural part barked). Do not work well for the 2x4 wrapped in rope before attach. If you use carpet sure to use only the staples at the bottom and make sure they are stranded in an appropriate manner.

Step 5: How much rope? You will use them more rope than you think! With this size will need about 3-400 meters. You can use hemp rope, if desired, but at the expense Sisal is better on the budget. How much rope you use depends on how you tight coil. The tighter the coil better, remember... your cat (s) tear that! From the base and turn the rope with a heavy duty brad. If desired, make on the side that will face a wall so you do not see it. Home dissolution, tight as you can (help gloves) and every 8 to 10 wrappers Tampa down with a hammer. Continue until you reach the top and turn the head with a brad as well. Do this for another piece, too. You can wrap the 2x4 before attach it as mentioned above.

Step 6: Modify any direction that is, if you go higher only broaden the base, adding more posts at different levels. While you, be sure to attach the shelves at the level posts, as well as the shorter operating in all directions. Playing with extra ramps. Perhaps one of shelving to another, depending on how many seats should be working with them. Go ahead and be the crazy cat people and make more of these and attach them to each other with the rope wrapped or carpeted lengths of 2x4. I have done this in many ways, and the trick seems to be twice as thick as a basis, delay bolts to attach the posts and how they attach shelves.

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