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3 Ways to Help Stop Your Pet Cat From Scratching Your Furniture

Your cat can make a true mess of your furniture given half the chance and the tragedy behind all your endeavours, is that 99% of the time you won't be around to stop your cat from exercising its claws on the couch. There are numerous methods out there, some being far better than others. Today let's discuss three of the better ones.

1. As ridiculous as this sounds, leave some fresh orange peel scattered on and around the target area. You could go as far as squeezing the peel lightly so as to release some of the oil onto your sofa. If you have ever seen how a cat reacts to citrus fruits then you will understand the effect they have on cats. Even showing a cat an orange will result in its face screwing up and your cat turning around and skulking off.

2. Identify the area most attacked on a regular basis and place a scratching post right next to it. Even go as far as sprinkling it with a little cat nip just so your cat homes in on it rather than the sofa. Catnip is a powerful herb that literally drives cats insane for short bursts. If you have ever seen how a cat acts with catnip then again, you will understand the potential use of this stuff given the right application.

3. Hang a bright yellow or bright green shawl or spread over the whole area, whether you know this or not. Those two colours are danger level 1 as far as the animal kingdom is concerned. Any animal with bright yellow or green is avoided like the plague by other animals. Your cat may be smart but it still follows its mammalian instincts.

Why does my cat scratch the furniture? It is an all too familiar sight. The answer is not always clear but with the right cat training tips positive changes in your cats behaviour will begin to appear.

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