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Solve Your Cat's Behavior Problems Today!

Your cat's behavior problems are becoming a problem and you need to learn how to stop your cat's behavior problems. Great, just know that every cat owner goes through the same thing and its nothing against you. Let's not forget that cats are animals and until you educate yourself about cats then you will forever cry out for help!

Here are some tips for your cats behavior problems and how to solve them:

My cat is aggressive to my friends

There are many reasons why your cat is lashing out at your friends or at any guest at your home for that matter. Most cat aggression problems are mainly because of a medical problem that the owner does not know about. Check your cat and if it is not a medical problem you will have to get a cat training book. (Remember you have to educate yourself)

My cat likes to bite a scratch me when we play together. This is really common and you just need to protect yourself when playing with your cat

  • Cut your cats claws
  • Play with your cat arms length away
  • Use toys that you cat throw or hang over you cats hands
  • Ware a long sleeve shirt
  • When your cat scratches pull away slowly and tell them know in a firm tone

My cat growls and hisses when I try to move him from a particular area

This is a cat aggression problem that is common amongst male cats. This is your cat attempting to control a situation through territory aggression. The signs are:

  • Tail swishing
  • Flattened ears
  • Dilated pupils
  • Growling
  • Hissing

The most complete way to deal with your cats behavior problems is to just ignore your cat, because it just wants attention and believe me this will pay off.

Get a cat training book

Here's a great cat training book that I recommend that goes into very good details. If you're serious about cat training then get this book!

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