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How to Solve Cat Litter Problems

Is your cat using your carpet or favorite rug for its litter box? Cat litter problems will happen to just about every cat owners, so don't think that your cat do not like you! Cat litterbox problems can become a real problem if you do not educate yourself. This article will help you learn how to deal with your cat litter box problems, but to get a full understanding you will have to invest in a cat training book.

Here are a couple of ways to stop your cats bad litter habits and pay attention because you will learn how to have stain free carpet.

The right litter box

Make sure you get the right size litter box for your kitten. If you buy a huge litter box and you have a tiny kitten, your cat will become too afraid to use it because of the size of the litter box. When you go to buy your litter box from a pet store, don't be afraid to ask a store clerk "what will be the best size litter box for my cat."

Where's your litter box?

This is very important to your cat and you have to keep a couple of things in mind when you look for a place to place the litter box.

  • Do not place the litter box in a busy area
  • Make sure its in a place that is not busy
  • Do not move the litter box frequently
  • Do not have one litter box for just two cats

Wrong litter?

The reason why your cat is not using the litter box is mainly because you have the wrong litter. Do not use cheap litter, its just that simple. Cheap litter hurts your cats lungs because its to dusty. Also make sure that you are not using scented cat litter. most cats do not like the scented cat litter so check and make sure that you are not using any scented cat litter.

Get a cat training book

Here's a great Cat training book that I strongly recommend. It will teach how train your cat to use the litter box guaranteed! Its a really great book check it out And not only will you learn litter training but you will learn how to solve any cat training problem in a couple days!

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