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Things to Consider When Boarding Your Cat

Ok, you have decided to take your kitty to a cat boarding facility. But first, you want to check them out. What do you look for?

First and I think most important, do they require proof that your cats have current vaccinations. You don't want to take your cat someplace where it could get a disease.

Do a little due diligence. Call around. Check with some local veterinarians and see if they are familiar with the facility you are considering.

Call the facility and ask if you can visit. See if you can visit without making an appointment. What you would like to do is visit unannounced and see how the cats being boarded are being cared for. As you tour, look at the cleanliness, are litter boxes clean, and fresh water.

Ask how many times a day the cats are fed. Do they get play time outside the cage each day? How many times? How long?

Check out the size of the cage the cat will be kept in. It should be spacious, have several levels for climbing, and preferably a window.

Do they have a boarding agreement? They should have. Read it carefully. They should require current vaccinations, your Vets name and phone number, and what to do and where to take your kitty in an emergency.

You may have special requirements for your kitty. For instance you may have special litter, special food, and treats for your kitty. Will they accommodate you?

Today most people have cell phones, be sure to leave your cell phone number. Ask if you can call and check on your kitty while you are gone.

If your kitty requires medications, make sure they can administer your medications. Today, a lot of cats require insulin shots. Make sure they understand the dosage, and it is well documented.

Finally, does the boarding facility belong to American Boarding Kennel Association (ABKA)? You might also ask to see the current copy of the state inspection, if required in the state where you live.

With advance planning, you may find that boarding your cat gives you peace of mind while you are away. And your kitty may enjoy the experience too!

Stan Hjerleid is a co-owner of Happy Cat Retreat for the last 8 years. Stan is also a computer forensic examiner and raises parrots in his spare time.

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