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A Buyer's Guide to Cat Urine Removal

Ooops! Did Fluffy miss the litter box? There is no smell more distinctive than the odor of cat urine. Male cats often spray to "mark their territory". The problem can be two-fold as not only can YOU (and your guests) smell Fluffy's urine , but Fluffy can smell it even when you can't and will use the area again. Fresh urine does not have an odor, but after several days, bacteria sets in, and the smell can become overwhelming. What will you do?

Unfortunately, there are many things that DON'T work! Bleach is one of them. Bleach has an ammonia-like smell that reminds cats of urine and often it will prompt them to relieve themselves in that same area. Disinfectant sprays, room deodorizers, and fresheners do NOT work. They may mask the smell, but when it becomes warm in the room, or the fragrances wear off, you are left with urine again. Baking soda, which is a base will help to absorb the acidic urine if you can catch the urine while it is fresh, but in the end will not assist in totally breaking down the odor cause. For floor boards or vinyl floors, wash the floors thoroughly with a bacteria killing cleanser, or even alcohol. Scrub the floor well, even if you have to get on your hands and knees. Carpets present more of a problem. If the top layer only is soaked, you can possibly rent a shampooer and suck out some of the smell with bacteria killing foam. Club soda helps to bubble out the urine as well. If the urine has soaked the carpet backing/pad, you may be forced to pull the carpet up, and replace it. Here is one recipe for cat urine remover that you may try before purchasing an expensive item:

1. Purchase a hand held black light (yes, like the kind the "hippies" used to have). Black lights detect stains in the dark that you can't see or even smell.

2. Once you have determined where all the stains are, make this concoction.
Douse the area with half white vinegar and half tap water. Let this sit on the "stinky" area for five minutes. Blot with paper towels.

3. When it is dry, sprinkle baking soda on the area, and then 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide and a teaspoon of dish washing detergent. Shampoo the rug by hand. Allow this to dry and vacuum.

4. If this does not work, you may have to invest in a product that is sold on the market.

As for cat odor removal products, there are several available. Vets recommend buying a product that will digest the enzymes present in cat urine. Here are some that you can purchase:

*SCOE 10X - $19.95
*NATURE's MIRACLE - approx. $5.00
*SIMPLE SOLUTION (Bramton) - $16.99

Of course, any other questions can be directed to kitty's doctor. We all love our cats, and want to be able to enjoy them, not clean up after them.

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