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Advanced Cat Training

If you already know the basic cat training and want to dig deeper for advanced cat training, then this article is for you. From the basic training you should know that everything has to be taken in small steps and that you need a lot of patience.

For the more advanced cat training I will take toilet training as an example. Toilet training is considered very difficult and I don't mean toilet training as in using the litter box, I mean using the human toilet. This will save you money on cat litter and you don't need to have that stinky box in your house.

To get your cat to use the normal toilet you need to use incremental training. You need to slowly change your cat's behavior. For most cats it takes a couple of weeks to learn this. Let it take the time, you should never stress your cat.

First you start by slowly moving the litter box closer to the human toilet. After about a week the litter box should be right next to your toilet. I would keep it here for a few weeks to make the cat feel used to human toilet. After a few weeks you will start to raise the litter box up slowly. You need to use something that's stable but can still raise the litter box a little by little. Keep raising the litter box every other day and watch the cat's behavior. If it seems to be OK with it just keep raising until at the same level as your toilet.

Now you can try to move the litter box on top of your toilet. When it feels comfortable using it there you can insert a box that sits into the rim of your toilet. Once the cat is used to the new litter box, you just remove the whole thing. Your cat should now be toilet trained and you have mastered one of the advanced cat training methods.

To learn more advanced cat training methods have a look at Cat Training Secrets. Here you can learn to bond your cat with a dog and how to keep peace in a multi-cat home.

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