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Do cats really have nine lives to live? Do they really bring bad luck? Are they linked with evil spirits? These are just a few questions some people want to have answers for. Although most homes keep a cat as a pet, yet, these queries remain unanswered and still become a mystery to unfold.

In Europe, cats were ill willed and dreaded by the people. This agitation caused them to believe to some superstitions. In Ancient Egypt, cats were the object of worship. Those who wanted to have siblings showed their veneration to an Egyptian cat goddess of fertility and child bearing believing to grant their need to have offspring. They come to realize the benefits cats have given them in protecting their crops from germination.

Cats did so much meritorious acts. Their senses are fit for hunting that made them excellently skillful hunters. Their advantage to the lives of those who take care and love them with devotion is a gift of confidence.They are so loving especially when they rub their body against someone they know who owns them. They come in sizes and colors. They have muscular shape which makes them excessively quick and light.

They have abilities that go beyond the limit. They seem to be just kept as purring pets but they can do and make a lot of wonders. Unbelievable but true. It was so known that cats possess characteristics they acquired from their wild ancestors millions of years ago. These qualities made them outnumber the dogs and humans in so many ways. Can hear and focus their ears on sound sensitively than human and dogs. They have excellent eyesight which made them see at night and in the dark six folds better than human. They can estimate distances accurately. If human have 206 bones, cats have 230. Cats do great stunts. They can land on their feet from falling and survive. In some countries, they are kept as pets in larger numbers than dogs. They have claws with retractile power designed for hunting prey with agility. Like dogs, cats can smell hundreds of meters away. They can even swim though they hate from getting wet. Scientifically, tranquility and relief from distress proven to transmit by feeling of or stroking a purring cat.

Cats do not require a lot of attention unlike other pets do. They deserve to have exact amount of care and affection with certainty. Cats need to be given certain amount of nutritious food intended for them.

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