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The best cat food for your feline friend is a natural cat food. The canned variety that is purchased in stores and pet shops are not healthy for your cat. You can read the ingredients and think you know what they contain, but that is not necessarily true.

What do you look at when you read the labels on cat food? The part of the label that is most commonly read is the analysis report of what percentage of crude proteins, fats, and fibers this particular cat food contains. However, these percentages can be misleading. Since they do not contain the exact amounts, you may think your cat is getting something that he actually is not.

You can look at the ingredient list, which will tell you the major items used in the food. This will also tell you if the ingredients are derived from plants or animals. The first ingredient that is listed is the main ingredient from which this cat food is made. If an animal product is listed first it is safe to assume this is the major ingredient in this food. However, it is not listed as to what type of animal product they used.

This may mean it is a by-product that could have been rejected by human food producers. It may not be something that should be used for providing the best cat food for your cat. That is why most cat owners are constantly searching for food that contains the right vitamins and necessary nutrients to keep their cat healthy and more apt to live a longer life.

When deciding on what type of food to feed your cat you should take into consideration what the necessary nutrients are. Your cat need a balanced food that contains meats, poultry or fish, grains from cereal, and vegetable protein. If you cannot find a food that contains all of these products, your cat is not getting the necessary vitamins and nutrients that he needs to be healthy.

If you are a cat owner, you know that some cats can be finicky eaters. If you find one brand that they will eat, you may not be able to get them to eat anything else. For this reason, the best cat food may be the type that you make yourself.

Since it is hard to tell exactly what is put into the canned cat food that you purchase, you would not know if the chemical additives might have an adverse effect on your cat. Making your own food will ensure that your cat gets the right amount of necessary vitamins and nutrients that he needs on a daily basis. The general consensus is that the best cat food you can give your cat is the homemade variety.

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