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Cat Acne

Cat acne or as veterinarians call it, feline acne, is fairly common. It normally develops on the animal's chin area although it's been found that it can pop up almost anywhere. But you have to make sure that the condition is in fact, acne and not some other skin disorder.

There are several conditions that can mimic this. One is a yeast infection of the chin. Another skin ailment is a staph bacterial infection or ringworm. Both look like they could be acne. Lastly, in older cats, there are immune diseases which can imitate this but in fact is more serious and needs to be treated immediately.

After you've had a vet check out your pet and it has been determined that they in fact do have cat acne, then they will treat it and it will retreat. Most times they will recommend that your pet take antibiotics for ten to twenty one days depending on the extent of the condition. If it seems like the lesions are fairly deep then they will suggest that the full twenty one day prescription be used. Also, to help heal the sores and make your animal more comfortable you can use Epsom salt compresses. Most vets recommend two tablespoons to a quart of warm water. Take a thin, soft towel and soak it in the water and Epsom salt solution. Next, place the towel on the cat acne and allow the salt solution to soak into its skin. This will definitely speed up the healing of this condition.

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