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Cat Behaviors - Tips For A Happy Cat And A Happy Home

Considering getting a cat for a pet? Adopting a stray can be a good option if you keep a few things in mind. Stray cats can present unusual and sometimes difficult problems to those who adopt them. Cat behaviors are often misunderstood. You should take care and have a great deal of understanding if you want to turn a feral cat into a content house cat.

There are many ways a cat can easily adjust to you. The adoption process usually begins when a cat gives its consent by starting to interact with you. One way of earning his trust is by giving him food. When he takes it you will know that you are slowly tearing down his barriers. Through patience and perseverance you will be rewarded by his trust.

Let's face it. Some cat behaviors are problems when these pets live in our homes. Cat scratching, territorial urine spraying and the hunting instinct tend to cause the most problems. Luckily for us and our feline friends, there are solutions that help keep both kitty and kitty owner happy.

A cat's need to scratch can damage furniture and walls, so it's a good idea to get some kind of of scratching post. These can range from simple cardboard varieties to larger carpeted ones. A kitty jungle-gym will let your cat not only scratch but have a place to climb about on and sleep in.

If you have a male pet cat, it would be crucial for you to have him neutered. Otherwise you will experienced having his urine sprayed all over your place to mark his territory. This will also be good for him because it will discouraged fight with other male of the same specie.

All cats feel the need hunt. This cat behaviour is particularly strong in stray cats as it is the way they have survived up until their adoption. Don't be alarmed if your cat brings the body of a small woodland creature to your doorstep. Praising, instead of reproaching the cat for it's actions, will go a long way in keeping your cat happy.

Avoiding a resolution to such cat behaviors will result in a bad relationship between you and your feline. If you prevent your feline from hunting, this will most assuredly get on your nerves since cats need a way in which to channel their energy. If you love your furnishings at all you must attend to their need to scratch and spray. This is the reason these fundamental cat behaviors are beneficial to learn; particularly when you adopt strays.

New cats in a home may exhibit one or more of many unwanted cat behaviors. The most common problems owners have are cat scratching, spraying and hunting. Cats that scratch furniture or other possessions can often be redirected to a scratching post. A male cat that sprays to mark his territory will need to be neutered to solve the problem. Also, a cat's natural hunting instinct can be redirected towards any of the wide variety of toys available, or even homemade ones. Cat behaviour [] may be perplexing to a new owner, but can be efficiently handled, creating a more positive environment for both you and your cat.

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