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Cat Breeds And The Right One For Your Family

When you have decided that a cat will be the right pet for your family, there are many other decisions that you must make before you are ready to get your cat. Choosing a cat breed can be one of the most important decisions that you make for your family and pet. You just need to choose which breed will be best for your family.

There are many different types of cat breeds to choose from, and they all vary in shapes and sizes and their overall demeanor. One of the breeds is the Abyssinian or otherwise known as the 'Aby cat'. This cat is a very loyal cat and is a playful breed. Aby's are usually attentive cats with lots of personality and energy. The Balinese are another breed of cat. This breed used to be called the Longhaired Siamese cat. These cats have many of the same markings as the Siamese breeds, but their tail is more plumed out than others. If you want a cat that is going to want you back, this would be the breed of cat to go for. These cats constantly want attention and seem to be active cats when their owners are around. If you are away at work for parts of the day, be sure to leave these cats a chew toy, because they will need something to play with.

The Manx is quite a different type of breed. These cats usually look like fairly ordinary cats except for their tail. Because of a mutation in the spine, these cats can range in tail length any where from normal length to no tail at all. These cats are quite intelligent breeds with a playful demeanor. These cats will often remind their owners of dogs because they will fetch small objects for the owner.

A Siberian breeded cat is a well defined breed. This is a type of cat that you can tell from all other cats because of its color and build. Siberian cats have a white body with black ears, a black and grey face, and a black and grey belly and tail. This cat usually has a normal size tail and can grow to be about a medium sized cat. These cats are also a dog like breed. These cats can also be affectionate breeds and have proven to be a very intelligent cat. These are just a few of the many different breeds that are available for you to own.

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