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Kittens make great pets. They are wonderfully playful and naturally sweet. Before you brought her home I am sure you went out got all those little things you think she needs in order to be happy. Litter pans, potty pads and food are just the tip of the iceberg.

First and foremost, show your new pet that you love him. It is important to play with him often, feed him regularly and make sure his needs are met. By doing this you will ensure that your kitten will love you back and be a very nice treat to have around the home.

Keep in mind that cats with long hair obviously shed more than the shorthaired variety. If you have a lot of expensive furniture clad in cloth, the hair will be attracted to it like a magnet. Indoor cats shed year around and not seasonally like outside cats tend to do because of the changing temperature and light in the house. Cats are very neat groomers and take care of their own grooming the majority of the time. The downside to the self-grooming is the formation of hairballs. Hairballs do not seem like a real problem but they can develop into one. Hairballs are tough on the digestive system and can block food from going down. Instead of allowing your cat to clean herself all of the time, brush her yourself. There are also certain foods and supplements that will ease a lot of the problem.

For those of you new cat owners that are thinking of having your cat declawed, keep in mind several things prior to having the procedure done. It is always easier to have the declawing procedure done when she is a kitten because healing is faster than adult cats. The procedure to declaw a cat is not as simple as yanking out the nails. In fact, they are intertwined with the knuckles and the pads have to be disjointed. Also keep in mind that declawed cats should always be inside cats because they will not be able to defend themselves or ascend trees to escape predators.

Before going to a pet store to buy a cat, please consider going to your local shelter. There are many cats that need loving homes that have not had a fair shake so far. They may need a little more work but the outcome will be well worth it.

Your cat can become a facet in your home - a great pet, a great friend. You have to spend the time and put into the effort to make her life a good one from kitten stage to adult hood. When your cat gets to be older there are issues to keep in mind. Their tastes can change (and often do). You will need to adapt to her new eating habits and it can be a lot of trial and error. Make sure that your cat has all of her shots and feline leukemia tests prior to bringing her home - not doing so can cause issues later on.

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