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Cat Collar And Cat Collar Training

Let's face it, your cat needs a collar. You can get any collar you like just make sure it is not to loose and here is why. Cats tend to jump up on things.

Many cats have slipped and fallen. Now if your cat has too loose a collar it is very possible he could accidentally hang himself. Think about it. Cat jumps up on a pole, slips, collar gets snagged on the pole and your loved one is not going to make it. I urge you to get a collar that is semi-tight, you get the picture.

It also should be a safety collar. Cats move around a lot, and sometimes a collar can get caught on items like branches, shelves, and more. A safety collar has a release that allows your cat to get free of the collar rather than choking.

Collars come in all looks, jeweled, orange, speckled etc, any one will do. You want to put name tags and contact info on the collar in case fluffy goes astray. Some good cat training will keep him safe and in the house more than not, but sometimes cats get out and go on long mouse hunting missions. I like to put a bell on my cats collar so fluffy cannot sneak up on birds or prey. My cat has brought home too many gift carcasses and looks at me like aren't you proud of me?

If your cat does not like his collar you may want to consider microchipping. is a great method of retrieving lost cats, however, people that may find flufy do not always know your cat is chipped or where to take him to get it checked.

To add some extra protection for your cat, you may want to put a small I.D. tag on your cat's collar that lists the cat's name, address, and a contact phone number. If you are concerned about your privacy, then just list a phone number. This way your cat can be returned home if found.

Cat beds are a good idea because it gives your cat some private time and his own space. Yes, sometimes he may want nothing to do with you I am sorry. All pet stores have nice pretty beds for cats, any one will do. Your bed is for you although a fluffy cat is nice on cold nights but the purring drives me crazy.

Many cats like the fiber filled stuffing beds and they can be very fluffy and soft for kitty. These are my personal favorite but sometimes they can tear them up, but better some stuffing than thousands of beans flying around everywhere.

One of the most common types of cat beds is the beanbag bed. At first, the sound the bag makes may create a little nervousness in your cat and drive you nutz, but eventually it will warm up to its ability to "knead" or milk-tread the bed. However, if you are going to get a bean-bag bed, you had better be sure the material will stand up to even the most brutal treatment. Some cats may abuse the bedding, and those little beans are quite difficult to clean up.

Also, check to make sure the bed is washable, as many times they are not.

David K considers himself a cat whisperer after training hundreds of cats and cat training the owners.

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