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Cat Elimination Questions and Answers

There are some common questions cat owners ask regarding cat urination issues. The answers listed here may help to give some insight into how to solve these common cat problems.

Is your cat urinating all over your home?

In order to discover the cause for inappropriate urination, the first thing a cat owner should do when a cat is doing this is to take the cat to the vet for an examination. The vet will check to see if there is a medical reason for the inappropriate urination. Certain diseases or infections may cause excessive urination. If the vet does not find a medical cause for the urination problem, than the cause is behavioral in nature.

Behavioral causes for inappropriate urination can include, "marking the territory", or problems with the litter box like a recent move of the box, too many cats using one box, or perhaps you changed litter brand or type that the cat does not like. Another cause for inappropriate urination could be that the cat is acting out of being stressed over a new addition to the family. Sometimes unaltered male cats will spray urine on walls. If your cat is not neutered you may try doing so to see if that stops the problem. Multiple cat households really need to have a litter box for each cat and the litter box should be cleaned at least once a day. If you recently changed litter brands, change back to the brand the cat is used to and see if that improves the situation.

Most cats prefer the scoopable litter as it contains odor better and is less messy. Most cats prefer litter boxes that are NOT covered. Do not use litter that is fragranced as most cats do not like these do to the sensitive nature of their noses.

If you try these suggestions and nothing improves the situation, then ask your vet for the name and contact information to a pet behaviorist.

The longer the litterbox problem has been going on the more difficult it is to correct, so attack these issues head-on and right away.

Having trouble with a new kitten not using the litter box?

Kittens that are experiencing a new environment will sometimes get nervous or feel uncomfortable. When this happens they may hold their urine or bowel movement as long as 3 or 4 days.

To be sure that the issue is an adjustment one and not a medical issue, you should have your kitten examined by your vet.

Litter Box Training a Kitten

Most kittens are born with the instinct to use a litter box and do not need to be trained to use one. Most new kitten owners simply need to provide the kitten with an appropriately sized litter box, place it in a quiet, secure place and introduce the kitten to it by placing the kitten in the box.

Some reasons a kitten may not use a litter box are:

1.The kitten has a urinary tract infection

2. The box is too big for the kitten to climb into

3. The kitten cannot get to the box (located down or up a flight of stairs). Place a box on every level of the home.

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