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Cat Flaps To Keep Moggy Safe At Night

Most of us cat owners love our cats and our biggest priority as a cat owner, is to make
sure that our pets are kept safe and happy. However cats tend to be quite
adventurous, and have been known to disappear for a day or two leaving us
in a bit of an emotional state wondering where they have gone - will they
come back - and are they safe?! Cats don't worry about what their little
wanders do to us as they can actually be quite selfish!

In a funny way this is part of the cat's charm! Fiercely independent creatures
they have us running circles around them attending to their every whim! I
own three cats and oh boy! do they keep me busy. Mother cat is the most
placid and an easy-going little creature, but two of her offspring are direst enemies - they chase each other up and
down the stairs, round the garden, under the sofas, through windows etc, etc,
I just don't know why they hate each other so much!

There is a fantastic product that has come to the aid of many cat owners though
and it is a microchip cat flap. Of course cat flaps have been around since
time began (well - it seems that way!) but this one is different! It is not just
any old cat flap! Oh no, this cat flap can actually identify your own cat! In
other words, this cat flap will not let in to your home any old Tom, as unless
the cat is wearing your very own ID, the cat flap will not budge - not an inch!

Now, this is great news for those of us who over the years have been feeding
the entire neighbourhood's cats, and whose house has been used as a urinal
by these intruders! As we all know, cats have a nasty habit of spraying urine
to mark their territory, and this is bad enough if it is your own cat - let alone
the other twenty or so living on your street!

The Petporte cat flap has a large plastic door measuring 183mm x 194mm.
It is strong enough and big enough to keep the, shall we say, larger cats,
including Maine Coons, out of your house and features a unique patented
intelligent microprocessor-controlled locking system that responds in an
instant to access your cat but can withstand even the strongest of cats attempts
at getting in! This has to be music to the cat-lover, cat-owners' ears!

Basically what this means is that you can rest at night knowing that your little
treasure is safe - that should she decide to come in at night and have a little
sleep that half the other cats in the district won't be able to follow suit and
all cosy up on your beautiful, recently re-upholstered furniture!

In order for the Petporte to work, all it has to do is recognise and identify
your cat's existing microchip id. That means you do not have to worry about
getting new special collars or anything like that - collars can be a nuisance and
a worry as cats somehow have a canny knack of getting their paws caught
in their collars! So then you have the added worry of the beloved pet
strangling herself!

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