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Cat Flea Allergy - A 2 Steps Treatment Approach

See your cat scratching and biting on its fur frantically?

See inflamed, irritated and infected skin on your cat?

If yes, your cat may be suffering from cat flea allergy!

Cat flea allergy, or commonly known as flea allergy dermatitis in cats is one of the most common single cause for consultation of a vet. This is cause mainly by the bites from fleas when they feed on the blood of the cat.

For a normal cat, it would only feel minor irritation to the fleas bites. Even in the presence of dozens of fleas, these cats will not be greatly affected and they feel little itch. On the other hand, if a flea allergic cat comes in contact with even a single flea, they can have severe itch reaction to the flea bites. Very often, such allergic reaction may continue for days to weeks causing intense itch and discomfort to the cat.

To treat cat flea allergy, there is a 2 steps approach to it.


Cat develops flea allergic dermatitis because of the presence of fleas on them. As such, the only way to prevent the occurrence of this dreaded, tormenting skin disorder in your cat is to prevent the contact of your cat with fleas. No Fleas, No Bites!

Flea control for cats is therefore an absolute necessity. To get rid of cat fleas completely, your choice of a flea treatment product is very important.

The need to treat the surrounding environment, both indoor and outdoors, are often ignored leading to re-infestation after you succeed in eradicating the fleas on your cat.


Cats affected by flea bites allergy is usually in great discomfort. Their constant scratching and biting may lead to inflamed and infected skin.

Keeping the skin clean is therefore important to prevent secondary infection. Bathing your affected cat with a medicated shampoo may be necessary. Antibiotic and steroid cream may be prescribed to relief the itch and inflammation.

Visit the section on Flea Bite Treatment where you can find out more about the reaction and symptoms of cat flea allergy and what you can do to alleviate the pain and discomfort of your flea allergic cat.

Your choice of a flea treatment medicine for your cat is very important. Your success depends on your choice of the right product. Learn how to select one from the many available in Flea Medicine and a step-by step plan in treating your house for flea in House Flea Control

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