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Cat Furniture - Perfect For Keeping Your Kitty Happy

If you're looking to keep your kitty happy, cat furniture may be the way to go.

While you may think cats are only indoor pets, the reality is they are wild animals that we have domesticated over time. In many respects, they still act as wild animals. They aren't obedient or full of unconditional love. They are independent animals that don't mind you giving them food and drink and some attention, when they feel like it.

Sometimes, even cats given all the food and love they want don't seem happy in the house. They may try to sneak out the door to see what is on the other side and try to take on a new adventure. If you don't want your indoor cat to suddenly become an indoor/outdoor cat, you may need to find a way to give him new adventures inside the house. You can often achieve this with cat furniture.

Cats like to explore and conquer things. They like to hunt prey and attack things. They like to be at the top of the world, looking down at the world below and deciding on their next victim. These are all things to keep in mind as you select cat furniture.

First, make sure your cat can be at the top of his world. You may want to choose a piece of cat furniture that has a number of levels of height with the top being four, five or more feet off the ground. This kind of cat furniture not only allows your cat to be higher than many of the items in the room, but also allows him to enjoy an adventure of climbing the various levels to get to the top.

Cats like hiding spots. If you find a piece of cat furniture that not only has levels to climb, but also a hole or tunnel to crawl into, all the better. Your cat may use this as his sleeping space, or a place to hide out while he is planning which toy to attack next.

Cat furniture should be fun. When you start your shopping, you may see cat furniture pieces that are just levels of climbing. While these are acceptable for some cats, playful cats will prefer cat furniture with toys dangling from them or things they can swat and will move. If you find a piece of cat furniture you love that doesn't have any activities, consider if there is a way you could attach some toys and games to make it a more complete piece of cat furniture

Finally, it is important to make sure your cat furniture will be able to stand up to use from your cat. If you have a medium to large cat, you need to make sure your cat furniture is capable of handling their weight and playing. Most pieces can handle a kitty sitting on it, but if the cat furniture is not sturdy, and weighted properly, when your cat jumps up on it, or off it, the cat furniture may topple over.

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