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Cat Litter Boxes Review

Lots of forums and pet chats are abuzz with the question what cat litter boxes are best for my kitty?

Cat litter boxes are based on the cats instinctive need to excrete in soft sandy terrain and then hide their excrement. The litter box is an attempt to simulate these conditions.

The cat owners priority as far as litter boxes go should be the comfort and convenience of the cat. As such one must consider the age of the cat, size of the cat, and equally important, its temperament. Consideration must also be given for the pet owner with outdoor cats that are now acclimatizing to being indoor felines

On the flip side, the comfort and convenience of the cat owner also bears weight in this decision. Thus cleaning time, expense and space, also have to be considered.

There are also alternatives to litter boxes such as pee pads and toilet training.

VERY IMPORTANT:-1)Sometimes cats will stop using their litter boxes. If this occurs, especially with urination, this could indicate that your cat has an infection. Take kitty to the vet PRONTO. 2)Un-neutered cats will often spray to mark their territory. This can become a habit even after being neutered. Get the cat neutered.

Cat litter boxes have evolved from the original sand box, to conventional boxes, covered boxes and automated boxes. Each has its own pros and cons which must also be weighed in conjunction with the above. As such, the choice of litter box is not a hard and fast science, but a result of the varying factors and environments mentioned.

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