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Cat Or Kitten - Which One Would Be Better For You

Nothing is better than to sit back and watch a kitten play! They are hilarious and heartwarming and at the same time, a wonderful pet. Kittens can be a lot of work in their first few months of life, but after they grow a little, you will end up with a pet fit for kings. An adult cat, depending on his age, will keep that tendency to play and have goofy antics as well. All this action in both cats and kittens comes from their instincts to hunt. When looking to get a cat or kitten as a pet, follow these tips:

o Remember to keep in mind other pets you may have at home. An adult cat may not get along with other cats or dogs. Introducing them could be tricky. The rule to follow here is play it by ear and if you do bring home a cat or a kitten, monitor the meetings with other pets very closely. You don't want to end up with a vets bill from a fight. You don't need this !

o The different breeds of cats is something else to think about. A short haired breed is easier to take care of as far as grooming goes. A long-haired breed will require a good brushing at least every other day to prevent mattes from forming. You probably don't need to worry about bathing a cat. They do a good job of this on their own.

o Having an adult cat will probably be easier than taking on a kitten. Usually, keeping an adult cat indoors is fairly simple. Litter training is a natural act for cats. Most of the time, all you have to do is show them where the litter box is and they'll go there every time. Kittens are the same way, but they may take a little more coaching. They will go to the box, but most mistakes are right around the box. A good idea is to put the litter box on floor without carpets, easy clean-up!

o Having children around a cat or a kitten isn't a big danger if you supervise them together. Some cats are laid back and will let you roll all over him just for the attention. Then there are cats who don't like all the attention. Older cats usually fall into this category. With any animal, don't leave children alone with them to keep down bites and scratches.

o Whether you decide on a cat or kitten, you will need to have the necessary items for care. A litter box, a good brand of clay litter, the correct food, and lots of toys, especially if it's a kitten you are bringing home.

o As for diet, don't feed table scraps. This will result in a terrible mess in the litter box! There are brands of cat food for adult cats and there are brands just for kittens. Make sure you get kitten food for a kitten because it is formulated with special nutrients for a kitten's growing needs.

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