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Cat Owners Guide - Part 2

Here is part two of the cat owners guide. Follow these tips and you and your cat will be on to a joyful relationship!

Good Veterinarian

Just about every cat owner forgets this tip: don't join the party because you will pay for it, literally. Try finding a good vet before you bring your cat home and the reason why is that you will put it off until it is absolutely necessary to find a vet. If you don't have a regular vet, see what your friends recommend. They'll certainly be able to tell you which vets are good, and which they prefer to avoid. Don't pick the cheapest vet, although expense can be a concern. Remember that the life of your pet is more important than saving a few dollars here and there.

Cat Brush

Grooming your cat will help you not only bond with your cat, but also let you prevent cat hair around your house. Cat shed, and in order to keep this to a minimal you have to groom your cat. As an extra bonus, when your cat swallows less fur, she will be less likely to suffer from hairballs.


You have to be patient with you pet or you will become a very frustrated cat owner. If you have a new cat, understand that it will not become use to your home at first. Your home will be full of strange smells and objects, which he'll want to check out. Be patient, and let your new cat learn the rules. Don't try to discipline him like a dog - it's frustrating and it doesn't work. Try positive reinforcement instead of punishment, and attempt to out think your cat. If you don't let your cat get into tempting situations, he'll have fewer opportunities to misbehave.


Love your cat and it will love you back its just that simple.

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