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Cat Training in 10 Minutes - How Did You Do It?

How do you manage a cat training in 10 minutes? Well, only a few owners will tell you their secrets. This not only saves you time but effort too. Yet it actually helps more in the bonding with your cat.

The most crucial element in the cat training in 10 minutes is consistency. Plus, you will need patience to schedule and conduct this training. Do not train your cat in irregular hours. Cats are habitual creatures, they love routines.

Okay now for the secrets to cat training in 10 minutes. All you need to do is to break your lengthy training sessions into short 10 minutes training burst sessions. Your pet has a short attention span so this 10 minutes actually helps them in keeping their concentration.

The following are the 4 short cat training tips for you:

1. Do not try to punish them. It is of no use because they will just continue to sit back and act like they have done nothing wrong and purr at you.

2. Their body is very delicate and cannot withstand much of a spanking. So do not physically abuse your cat. Rather, use your intelligence to compete with your pet. I am sure the human brain will definitely win against the cat brains.

3. No punishment so what are you left with? Positive encouragement. This will actually helps because by encouraging and rewarding your cat when your cat does something right, they will feel that there is an incentive for them to do it again. Thus they will continue the good behavior. Use some cat treats such as salmon pieces whenever they did something good such as using the litter box.

4. Make sure you have plenty of toys around the house so that they will not feel bored. By nature, your cat is a predatory animal. So do not be surprise if you find them clawing at your furniture, he is only practicing his skills. Just provide him with some toys and your furniture will be left alone.

So with these great cat training tips, I am sure you will be cat training in 10 minutes soon. Your cat will also appreciate it.

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