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Cat Training Made Easy

So, you're looking for ways to make cat training a little more easy. Great then you have come to the right article. There are a couple of things thing you need to know about before you try to train your cat. This is cat training made easy so pay attention.

Tip 1 Cats is self sufficient

For some reason we tend to believe that cats are like dogs, but that's just not the case. So that's good news to you, because it's not going to be really hard to train your cat.

Tip 2 Bad habits

Most bad habits are normally in cats that have been adopted, neglected, abused, and taken in as a stray, or even purchased from a breeder.

Tip 3 Potty training

Cats seem to have a natural instinct guiding them to there litter box and thus a majority of cats do not require potty training. If your cat does not like the litter box make sure it's not scented litter.

Tip 4 Rewards

Give your cats rewards anytime they do something good. Most cat owners don't follow this rule and end up being a really frustrated cat owner. Reward with a cat treat and encourage with a light toned voice. Don't yell at your cat because you will only make it worse.

Tip 5 Scratching

I can here you now yelling at your cat because he scratched up you sofa. Calm down, there are many things that you can do but understand that cats scratch to remove old layers from there nails. So your cat is not being evil towards you he is just saying I need something to scratch. Watch how your cat scratches, is it up and down, on the carpet or over his head. Get the right scratching post based on your cat preferences.

Tip 6 Poisonous plants

Watch and make sure your cat is not lurking around your favorite plants, because that favorite plant can harm or even kill your cat so pay attention. Here are some plants that can harm your cat: dieffenbachia, poinsettia, English ivy, crocus, lily's, and others.

More cat owner tips

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