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Cat Training Secrets to Get Your Cat Trained

When Training a Cat the first thing to get through the cat's head is that food is King and you are the provider of this magical and wonderous food. The Cat needs to understand you are the sole provider of his joy. Cats love food, but they love certain foods the best. I am sure you already realize that your cat is finicky and loves some foods more than others. I am guessing, shrimp, tuna, any fish, chicken are the ultimate favorites.

The key is to find the favorite because you are going to be the answer to his favorite source of sustanance and joy. Once you are established as the source, the Cat will do almost anything to get to the source. Getting the idea now?

Start out slowly by calling him/her. If the cat comes to you when you call him then give him some of the ultimate yummy. You can lure him to the yummy but make sure you use his name so he associates his name with yummy time.
Keep doing this for a few days and working on it and eventually you will have a cat that comes when it is called.

Pretty cool to have a cat come when called. This is a very crucial tool to have though. Think about it. What does your cat probably love as much as yummy time. Go outside maybe? Well if you are like me and live in Coyote country, then you know how dangerous the outside world is for the cat. Especially when the sun goes down and the Coyotes start howling.

I am saddened when I see the daily missing cat posters in my community. This means to me that the Coyotes got another cat and it didn't have to be. Now think how powerful the yummy treat training is if your cat gets out the door, which it will eventually. Wouldn't it be nice to call your cat and have it run to the front door? Sure it would be and you may have just saved it's life.

Please practice and practice until your cat will come when called. Make sure you are using the ultimate yummy that he truly loves or this will not be as powerful. Think if you were the cat. Would you come running for a piece of lettuce, or would you come running for your favorite food, for me Pizza can get me running.

I personally have found shrimp to be almost irresistible to Cats and they go crazy like catnip for the stuff.

Just buy those ultra small salad shrimps in frozen bags as yummy food and you cannot go wrong. Make sure once thawed it doesn't go bad.

My cats will come when called, sit, give me their paw, use the bathroom where I say(potty training) and stay in the house all because I took the time. I have been studying Cats for a while and can help any of your cat training issues. A Cat Whisperer if I do say so myself.

David K is an expert cat trainer and has been training cats for years to be potty trained, stay, come when called, and stop scratching the furniture. []

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