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Cat Urine Issues - Scientific Reasons Why Cats Urinate Outside The Box

As many of us know, there is a scientific reason for cat urine issues. Most cats urinate outside of their litter boxes due to several factors. These factors may include the environment, stress, health problems and cat urinary tract infections. And of course, their meticulous feline ways contribute to the issue as well.

According to a study completed by the Department of Clinical Sciences, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in Massachusetts, eradicating odor from the litter box has a positive effect on cat litter box behavior.

The study used a product called Zero Odor spray. The process involved litter boxes sprayed with Zero Odor and those which were just cleaned. The Zero Odor spray evaporates the cat urine smell. The study concluded that cats whose litter boxes were sprayed with Zero Odor spray used their litter boxes for urinating, while the others seemed to go in other places.

So once again, as some of us know, keeping the litter box free of odor versus just keeping it clean will attract your cat to urinating in their appointed place.

There are still more underlying factors of improper feline urine behavior. Cats with urine issues should be taken to the vet to see first if the cat is experiencing some type of medical problem. If it's determined that there is a medical problem, proper treatment should take care of the issue, but if not then it could be a problem with marking or toileting.

Marking behavior is associated with being territorial. Cats involved in marking behavior are generally treated by suggesting neutering and dropping the instances of conflict and stress in their normal atmosphere.

Toileting, another issue involving choosing an area where the cat thinks it should urinate (not necessarily the litter box). In order to help eliminate a toileting problem, the litter box needs to be made more appealing to the cat, while limiting the availability of other "out of the box" areas.

According to the aforementioned studies, cat urine issues are scientific in nature. A cat's behavior is based on the cat's psychological as well as physiological state. In other words cats have moody behavior and perform (in this case urinate) according to how they feel at that moment.

In conclusion, no matter how hard you try to combat cat urine issues, it will be merely impossible to totally eliminate them because you can't always control the environment around us.

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