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Cats and Food Variety

Cats are interesting creatures. Like humans, they very much like to have variety in what they eat. Cats also like to snack frequently. Sometimes you may try to buy a special expensive meal for your cat, only to open to can, serve it, and have your cat stick its nose up and walk away. Many times, cats prefer the simple things.

It is a good idea to avoid serving your cat foods that have a low temperature, or that have just come out of the fridge or the freezer. Items to be ingested should first be left to warm on a bench before serving.

In nature and the wild, cats are able to create a good balance in what they eat by taking in every part of what they catch - usually a mouse or rat, or perhaps even a lizard. Different parts of the prey contain different nutrients, giving cat hunters a wide range of goodness. The problem with domestic cats eating wild prey they catch is that many diseases may exist in the prey, and the cat may ingest these. Often these problems are a result of internal parasites in the dead target.

How much food does your cat need? This is dependent on several factors, some more obvious than others. How much physical activity does your cat participate in? If your cat pregnant? How large is your cat? The efficient of a cats digestive system also varies from cat to cat. You should not feed cats food that is designed for other animals, for example dog food.

Some cats always seem to be hungry and begging for food - it can be difficult to know where to stop dishing out the food.

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