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Cats And Vets

Our cat Pepper hates going to the vet. Studies have shown that cat owners take their cats to the vet only half as often as taking their dogs. A 2006 study showed that more than one-third of domesticated cats did not go to the vet at all. This may be due in part to the fact that cats are less overt and obvious about how they feel, so often we humans don't realize our cat needs to go to the vet when they really do. For this reason, many veterinarians are recommending cats be brought in twice a year for wellness checks.

Another reason cats aren't brought in as often as they should be is the dreaded cat carrier. If the cat carrier is used only for the purpose of taking your cat to the vet, then you may have a tough time getting your cat into their cat carrier. As soon as they hear the cat carrier coming or see it brought inside, many will bolt ... and good luck catching them! Some will cling so tightly to your neck that you literally have to pry them off of you and push them into the carrier.

Try to socialize your cat to their cat carrier early in their life. Put the carrier inside where they can go in and out freely. Then put them inside the carrier and take them for a ride in the car without going to the vet. You'll get them used to riding in the car, another thing Pepper doesn't enjoy, and you won't have such an ordeal when you really do need to go to the vet.

We take Pepper in at least annually to the vet and sometimes twice. We don't want her to suffer needlessly just because we humans aren't recognizing any symptoms. Please be sure to have regular vet appointments for your cat, even if they're not exhibiting any illness.

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