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Cats - Storming the Web One Kitten at a Time

If you have been browsing social sites recently then you know that there is a particular type of content which has taken over the web at a viral rate, no it is not a virus neither it is a scam however, it is a grand slam; we are talking about kittens. It seems that lately a huge part of the online community has become very attached to these cute little furry animals, let's explore a little bit some of the situations (good and bad) that triggered the worldwide cat phenomena.

Cat Cruelty:

Social video sites such as YouTube and Google video have allowed a great deal of content to be broadcasted and syndicated to enormous audiences, smaller sites and blogs publish content which tends to be unfiltered and not regulated, especially if those sites are hosted in offshore web servers. A couple of years ago a cat cruelty video became very popular not because it was cute like the many videos we see today in YouTube but, because of its inhuman content.

In this video there was a beautiful Asian lady who was wearing a lovely dress and high heels, she was first sitting on an outdoor chair appreciating a beautiful view, the person who was filming the video then focuses his/her attention towards a little cat who seem to be admiring the beautiful lady, later on the lady stands up and puts the soul of her high heels of top of the kitten's head, the video sequence which follows cannot be described, no one watching that video would have ever expected to see the horrible way this woman tortured this beautiful little cat to death. I shall not go any further into detail because it brings sad and painful memories.

The Internet was Made for Cats:

Right after such inhuman content was published on the web a large amount of people mobilized in order to create social awareness about animal cruelty and how to eradicate it, save the animal which was tortured was a cat every one suddenly seemed to turn their attention towards cats.

These cute little animals quickly became famous because they are naturally inquisitive, agile, intelligent, have a unique personality and yes they are extremely funny. Since many pictures of cats have been uploaded to the web, designers and webmasters have taken advantage of such content in order to modify it and make something new, something that everyone will love especially cat lovers, this is how captions began to take over. There are many types of cats and logically there will be many types of cat faces and impressions which made it very easy for people to associate them to certain sayings for instance, someone took a picture of a cat who was how hugging a woman's breast, he was in between the bra and her top and yes he did look very comfortable, caption enthusiasts quickly took this picture and gave it a new meaning, some say this was a lucky cat, others say that he is a perfect definition of comfort and others just prefer to imagine it is a life illustration of Firefox.

From modified pictures we jump to videos and things just keep getting better, taking a picture of a funny cat is not nearly as entertaining as watching a cat action, you have browsed social video sites for this type of content then you might have come across some really unique content such as a captain hiding behind a bush in jumping out of it in order to scare a big black bear, amazingly the affair does get scared and immediately turns around and runs away but the kitten is not satisfied and goes for the chase, this video sequence is absolutely hilarious. On a similar note, have you ever seen how a cat reacts when he is scared? The way they jump, react and even retaliate is something to behold, there is a reason why the show called "America's funniest videos" has a high amount of cat videos because in the end these creatures are just adorable.

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