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Choosing That Special Cat

You have decided to add a cat to your family and would like to be sure that the one you pick is the right one for your family. Cats are every bit as lovable and crave attention as dogs do, so make sure that you are aware of this and are just not picking a cat because you think they won't need as much time from you as a dog would. If you have this understood, we can move on to some great tips about picking out that perfect cat for you.

The first choice you will probably make is what age cat will you get? Is a kitten right for you? Or, would you rather have an adult cat?

Kittens are more playful, curious and need to be trained so they require more supervision and time in the beginning. If you have a family with young kids, a kitten probably will not be a good idea, as young children lack the maturity to handle a kitten.

Senior citizens often do well with an older cat that is not going to be as active as a kitten.

Now, you can think about grooming a cat and how much time you will need to invest in a cat. There are shorthaired and longhaired cats. Those with shorthair can also have dense, thick hair that may mat easily and need frequent brushing. Shorthaired cats are the most popular of cats because longhaired cats require more grooming to keep them mat-free. Even shorthaired cats will require regular brushing though and the time you spend brushing a cat can be pleasurable for both of you.

Adding a cat to a household with other pets:

Most cats can get along with other cats and most dogs get along with cats despite the stereotyping. There are some dogs who do not tolerate cats, so you will want to expose a dog (if you have one) to cats first to see if you dog likes cats or not. Make sure that you introduce a new cat (or any pet) slowly to the current pet. Keep the new cat in a carrier and let the current pet sniff and watch and explore the newcomer before slowly introducing them to each other. Keep the carrier out in case the newcomer needs to retreat there.


Do some research on different cat breeds to familiarize you with the different personalities of the different types of cats? Some are very athletic and playful and others are lazy. Some are noisy and others are very quiet.

Make sure that you can financially care for a cat and are ready with all the needed cat supplies before bringing the new cat home. Always take a new cat to the vet before introducing it to other cats in the household to be sure it does not have feline leukemia.

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