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Cleaning Up Cat Urine 101

Cleaning up cat urine is always a hot topic with cat owners. Cleaning up your cat's messes is never a fun job, but somebody has to do it. It can be a frustrating event if kitty's messes are occurring often. Make sure you don't let the urine stand and clean up any and all messes as soon as possible.

The first item of concern is getting to the root cause of the accidents. Have your cat checked out thoroughly by your vet because there may be underlying issues such as urinary tract infections which are causing these problems.

If you are able to clean up messes while they are fresh, you can help eliminate stains as well as odor. Urine that stays in the carpet for long periods will start to decay. This is caused by bacteria feeding on organic waste. As this happens, the urine turns into gases, which is what causes the strong ammonia smell.

Removing stains quickly makes it a lot easier to clean. You can follow three simple steps when dealing with urine messes:

1. Start with a paper towel, or old towel, and blot up as much of the urine as you can. Do this until you can't see any more moisture.

2. Spray the area thoroughly with either water or a combination of water and white vinegar. Once you have done this, repeat step 1

3. If odor still exists, it may be necessary to utilize special odor eliminators designed to neutralize the odors. You can often find these products at your local pet store. They eat up the bacteria causing the strong urine odor.

Most people are not able to be around their cat around the clock. There will be plenty of times when you just aren't able to get to stains while they are still fresh. Once the urine has dried, the bacterial process has already started, in which case you will definitely have to go to step 3 and utilize odor removal products. If urine has seeped all the way through the carpet, be sure you also treat the padding, and if necessary, the wood underneath. In extreme cases you will have to decide if you are able to save your existing carpet or replace it.

Many times, if urine has dried, you are able to smell the urine but not able to locate where the mess occurred. In this instance try utilizing a black light, this will help illuminate the urine stain on your carpet.

I am confident if you try using the methods above on cleaning cat urine, you and your cat will be happier.

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