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Curing and Preventing Dental Diseases in Cats

Like humans, cats also suffer from common dental problems therefore finding ways of preventing dental diseases in cats will help improve their overall well-being. In fact, dental diseases are the most common health problems encountered by cats, whether caused by infections in their gums or cavities in their teeth. However, this alarming fact is overlooked by many and not so much has been done in order to address this problem.

The initial step to providing treatment and attention to cats suffering from dental problems is detection. Look for signs and symptoms in your cats, in order for your cat's teeth and gums to be examined by your veterinarian. Among the common symptoms for your cat's dental problems is bleeding gums, bad breath, and loss of teeth. When cats suffer from this condition, they will find it difficult and painful to eat, therefore dental diseases in cats have led to weight loss and poor health.

What exactly causes your feline pets to suffer from such condition? Cavity and gum problems start with tartar build-up. Once tartar has accumulated, it will cause irritation in your gums. As your gums recede due to the build up of tartar, it will eventually lead to both your teeth and gum's exposure to germs and cause infection.

The breed of cats contributes to susceptibility to acquiring gum and tooth disease. Meanwhile, their everyday diets also play a part in this. So, as much as you can, refrain from serving them with canned food which have sauces in them, and opt for a dry food. Age is also another factor, as the older ones have been proven to be more prone to such diseases.

Despite the fact that dental problems do not pose any real threat to your pet's health, it is still important to render enough attention to taking proper care of them. After all, you would not want to see your cats lose their teeth, or suffer whenever its time to eat. Therefore, you have to take measures in order to improve your cat's condition and be on their way to a healthier well-being.

As was mentioned above, you have to be vigilant and sensitive to your cat's condition. For you to be able to detect any possible symptoms you have to regularly check up the cat's mouth or you can regularly have your cat examined by a veterinarian. Then, observe a healthy oral hygiene routine to have their gums and teeth cleaned regularly. Several dental products for your cats are available in the market such as toothbrush and toothpaste.

And since preventive measures are more effective than curative, it is best recommended to start developing an effective oral hygiene when your pet is still a kitten. Experts suggest it is better to rub the teeth instead of brushing it. You can do this by wrapping your finger with a piece of gauze and use that to rub the cat's teeth. Or, you can simply let the cat chew its toothbrush. When brushing, you must maintain a 45 degree angle hold of the brush as you try to reach the corners of the mouth and the cheek side. Try to do this twice a week for a healthier gum condition.

As much as humans make dental care a priority, we should also do the same for our pets. Preventing dental diseases in cats is definitely more reliable than any other forms of curative procedures.

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