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Easy Cat Training

Let me guess, your cat is out of control and you're looking for some easy cat training tips that can help you right away. Great news, I can help you with all those problems so listen up and learn from the best. I'm sure you have many questions so let's start.

Here are some easy cat training tips:

Please don't ever hit your cat or any other sort of physical punishment if your cat is acting up, because all that does is make your cat fear.

Tip 1

All cats hate surprises and that if something to note. You can use clapping, hissing, water bottles, water spray bottle, or other sudden noises to stop unwanted behavior (this is something that most cat owners really need to know). However, be advised that this will not work after your cat has displayed bad behavior, you will have to do this as soon as the cat starts any bad behavior.

Tip 2

Does your cat like to bite? If so here's something that has worked for me for a long time now.

I like to call it the "face push." sound obvious but let me explain how to use it affectively.

This method consists of pushing the palm of your hand onto the cat's face. This is best used when trying to stop your cat from biting, but it can also be used as a discipline. Don't hit the cat, simply push its face back gently and say not to your cat in a firm tone. After you try this you will wish you read this a long time ago.


This is the most important tip I can give you and it should have been listed as tip # 1. It is always best to train your cat away from bad behavior as soon as possible and as young as possible. This will help because your cat will not get use to the bad behavior. You will have the most success training your cat when it is young. Never tolerate bad behavior even when it seems that it is cute, because it will not remain that way for long.

More cat owner tips

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