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Essential Cat Training In Small Steps

Cat training in small steps seems to work the best. So, you just got your first cat, or maybe you have had one before but want your new pet to know what is expected as the new family member. Cats can be trained and will respond to what is being taught if done correctly.

Cats respond very well to cat house training when a reward is given as incentive. Your new cat should also respond very eagerly to praise. Praise is reward. Felines all respond to cat chat from their owners. They want to be loved and will respond to you when you talk and pet them.

Cats do not respond to reprimands for training purposes. Cats have unique personalities that are totally feline in nature. When your cat is misbehaving and knows this, it is usually because they are trying to get attention, whether you are present or not. All they are seeking is to play and have some cat chat with you.

So, it is important not to use scolding your cat as a cat training method. The best cat training for a cat that misbehaves is to form a healthy relationship with your feline by playing, praising in the cat training and providing the cat chat that your cat is seeking.

The important thing to remember is that cat training works the best and is most effective in five to ten minute increments. If you ever owned a dog and thought they had a short attention span, well, cats have very short attention spans and get sidetracked by almost anything that moves very easily.

Litter box training comes very easily with some cats, but a few will need some basic training in this direction. To begin with, ensure that the cat is being feed on a regular timetable. This also will help in setting up a fairly regular output schedule, too.

By paying close attention to when your cat is usually ready to do it's business, you can take your kitty over to the litter box area and stay until your cat gets the message and uses it. It might take a few times for your cat to get this message, but it is natural for them to use the litter box.

After your cat uses the litter box, make a big fuss over it and praise your pet with a lot of cat chat and petting. This will only go toward letting your cat know this was a good thing. This is good cat training.

Scratching is natural for a cat. You cannot get away from your cat wanting to scratch. Very early in getting your new pet, get a scratching post for your cat. When you catch your cat scratching at furniture or other areas that are undesirable, don't scold your pet. Instead, take your cat directly to it's scratching post to scratch at, then praise your kitty for this behavior.

This might take some time, but when you praise your cat for scratching it's post, your feline pal will get the message and want to please you. Remember, when you reward with petting and cat chat with your kitty, the cat will love you for it.

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