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Extreme Cat Urine - It's No Joke

Extreme cat urine is difficult to clean, and can often be a sign of a serious health issue. While most kittens will have an occasional accident, keeping your litter box clean and properly deodorized could help keep accidents to a minimum. You should consult your vet if your cat's urine smell is strong and it is having a lot of accidents. Please be sure as much as possible that you clean up cat messes immediately to keep them from setting in to your carpets, upholstery, etc.
Cats are wonderful companions, and can make you laugh with their playfulness, but when it comes to extreme cat urine, its no laughing matter. The odor of cat urine can make your friends want to stay away. It can also have negative effects on your kitty's health.

If your cat is refusing to use her litter box, here are a few tips on how to solve that problem.

First make sure the litter box is cleaned daily, especially if you have multiple cats, they do not like using dirty litter boxes. You may also want to get each of your cats their own litter box.

Next, make sure the litter box is in a private, quiet area in your home, like your basement. If you choose to use a closet be sure to leave the door open. My cat would only use her litter box after I put it under a table in the corner of the room.

Try using different types of litter, cats can be very picky about this. I went through three different brands before finding one that my cat seemed to like. Every cat is different. While one cat may require a deep litter box, others may require the opposite. It's really hard to say.

The type of litter box you use can help as well. Make sure your cat has an easy and accessible way to get in and out of her litter box. This mostly becomes an issue with older cats due to reduced mobility. Many cats prefer litter boxes that are covered to provide a private space for them.

Be sure to place your litter box away from their food and water.

Finally, be patient with your cat. Never punish them for making any messes. Punishing the cats could result in more serious and extreme cat urine problems. Be kind to your cat and your cat will be kind to you.

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