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Frustrated Cat Owners

Help! Frustrated cat owner needs to solve cat behavior problems now! Is your cat out of control and your thinking that you have tried everything, but still no results? your cat chewing, scratching, spraying, or just not behaving them selves? These problems can be solved even if you think they cannot. All cat owners are not frustrated cat owners; you just need a little cat training.

So with that in mind I want to share with you five of the most common cat problems and give you solutions on how you can solve them (cat training made easy as I like to say):

1. My cat uses the carpet instead of the litter box This is a real common problem but solvable. Just close your cat in a room with the litter box, but make sure the floor is bare; that means no rugs, carpet, and try to not have any furniture. Cats prefer something soft to go to the toilet on, and will not soil their own bedding. It may take a week or two but once they learn they won't go back.

2. Why doesn't my cat like catnip? The main reason for this happening is that your cat is too young. Most kittens aren't interested in catnip until they are close to a year in age. So hold off on the catnip until its about a year old.

3. My cat will not eat any dry food Most cats eventually settle in to a combination diet of wet and dry food, just set out some dry food and eventually he will eat it. Just be sure to have plenty of fresh water available at all times. Or he could be having dental problems so check that first and if that's not the case the do the above.

4. My cat bites and scratches me when I play with it First, make sure your cats claws are trimmed regularly. This is natural for cats it's the way cats learn to play with one another. Instead of using your hands, use catnip stuffed toy and if he grabs your hand tell him "NO" in a firm voice and slowly remove your hand. If you yank your hand away he will think that it's a game.

5. My cat will not sleep in his bed Cats like privacy and security when they sleep. Try getting him an enclosed bed, or at least put his bed in a quiet corner out of traffic. High places are also a good choice. Also put something like an old sweater or a small pillow that has your scent, anything that smells like "mom" (that's you). If it's a kitten put the above in the bed along with the loudest ticking small clock you can find. The ticking approximates the mother cat's heartbeat and is soothing to the kitten (it really works).

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