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Heal Ear Infections and Kill Dreaded Ear Mites with this Proven Holistic Formula

I have been a canine stylist for over 10 years. The most common question I get asked by my human clients is, "How can I stop my dog from getting ear infections?" Not too long ago, other then placing cotton in their ears during maintenance baths, I didn't know.

My friends dog Ace was plagued with ear infections and she agreed to allow me to test some holistic products on him. I bought a product that's base was made from tea tree oil. I was familiar with tea tree oil because I bathe many of my canine clients with a tea tree oil shampoo, when their skin is dry or if they are suffering with a minor skin irritation.

When the product arrived, we put 7 drops in each of Ace's ears and massaged them a few seconds. This is a little more then the recommended dose, but Ace is a very huge dog. For the next 7 days my friend repeated the 7 drops in each ear for 3 times a day. Incredibly we had hit pay dirt. From the very first application she noticed that Ace wasn't digging and scratching at his ears, which was allowing the healing process to begin. It has been over 8 months and he has not suffered any ear infections to date.

I have recommended this product to several of my clients who are very happy to report that they have had similar results. I'm thrilled because now I can recommend a holistic product that I know works. My clients are happy because they have just saved themselves an expensive trip to the vets.

I wasn't aware at the time but this product is also recommended for cats. I am not a cat owner and didn't really notice if it could be used on both, at the time when we were trying to heal Ace. I'm happy to report that it can be used on felines and add a special bonus that it can also kill ear mites. If you are the owner of a cat who is plagued with ear infections or those dreaded ear mites, I have written a very small web site that includes all of the holistic ingredients of the formula and where you can purchase this product.

Kim enjoys studying numerology, parapsychology and experimenting with herbal remedies. She has worked as a canine stylist for over 10 years.

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