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Holistic Cat Food Makes For Happier Healthier Cats

Have you ever stopped for a minute and thought of what really goes into the making of your cats canned or kibble food? Did you know that a pet food manufacturer in China was recently found to be adding chemicals to their pet food that mimicked the presence of protein when the food was tested for this vital nutrient. It was discovered after several animals died from the effects of this chemical and you can bet that it a only the tip of the iceberg.

The Reality of Standard Cat Food

Sure your cat loves fish and chicken. You may also like fish and chicken too but would you like to be fed it every day of your life? Did you know that pet food manufacturers use nasty burnt brown recycled restaurant grease in the cat food manufacturing process? Its just no wonder that most cats that people own spend most of their time sleeping and tend to be in bad moods.

Holistic Cat Food for a Healthy Happy Cat

Holistic cat food is the latest trend in cat food and it is sweeping the nation. This is because, cat owners everywhere are finding that their cats become more healthy and playful when they have been fed a diet that is lean, healthy and rich in natural ingredients. Holistic cat food has been scientifically formulated to include all of the nutrients including fiber that your cat needs to stay healthy and happy.

Save on Vet Bills

The fact is, that it doesn't even cost a whole lot more to fed your cat holistic cat food. Also, when you factor in that you are going to have a far more healthier cat that won't be needing any expensive visits to the vet as it ages, holistic cat food can be actually cheaper in the long run. Your cat is a living breathing creature with real feelings even if it can't express them in a way that you can readily understand.

Written by Francine Andreas. Find the latest information on Holistic Cat Food

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