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Holistic Cat Food

Have you ever heard of holistic cat food? If not, here are a few pointers on why many people think this is the best approach to raising a healthy cat. When you shop for cat food, do you think that most brands are about the same? Cat food is not regulated like food made for human consumption.

The current regulations for pet food allow the use of ingredients that you would be shocked to learn are used at all. The holistic cat food approach provides all natural ingredients in the right amount to provide your cat with the vitamins he needs to be healthy.

The holistic foods that are made for cats contain no corn, wheat, or artificial flavors. For example, the chicken that is used to make chicken meal for cat foods is the same grade chicken that is approved for humans to eat. The water is removed so the cat receives a more concentrated protein from this chicken than other types.

Most manufactured holistic cat food has a high antioxidant content and are a great source for protein, which your cat needs for energy. The antioxidants include foods such as carrots, spinach, garlic, and apples to name a few. Another really effective antioxidant is grape seed extract.

When it comes to proteins to give your cat the vim and vitality that he needs, eggs are a great source. They are more digestible than most protein foods and the vitamins they contain are necessary for cell growth.

Your cat needs carbohydrates as another energy source, so brown rice is another ingredient in this type of food that will provide this source. The plus factor for this cat food is they contain only trace amounts of fats and fatty acids. No more than are necessary for your cat's health are added so he does not get anything that can cause health problems.

Another ingredient that is used is beet pulp. This ingredient provides a source of fiber and is not like the other fiber sources. This one produces short chain fatty acids. They are the ones that good bacteria in the body use for food.

Your cat depends on you to take care of him and make sure he is as healthy as possible. The feline version of the couch potato is not a healthy cat. By feeding him the healthiest cat food that you can, he will have more energy. He will not suffer from illnesses that could have been prevented. His chances of living longer are greatly increased. Holistic cat food has all the necessary nutrients to keep your cat the healthiest he can be.

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