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How Can I Keep My Cat Happy - The Obvious Solution

Keeping your cat happy has several pay offs. Firstly, a happy cat is less likely to play up, as a result of which, your furniture will stay in far better condition. As will your wallpaper, favourite cushion and shins. If your cat is happy, it will stand a far better chance of remaining healthy and content. Its moods will be consistent and you wont be subject to its quirkiness quite so often but to answer the question, how can I keep my cat happy?

For starters, keeping an even temperament is important while in your cat's presence. They have very sharp instincts and will always know when something is up. You might not be in a mood with your cat but the chances are, your cat is not going to know that and may well start to form a complex much the same as another human would. This could cause it too become awkward or withdrawn around not just you but anyone else in the house.

Don't get into the habit of scolding your cat if it has done something wrong, cat's do not seem to respond to a ticking off in quite the same way as a dog would. Scream at a dog loud enough and its ears will drop, its tail will fall between its legs and it will mope around you in a concerned way. Shout at a cat loud enough and it will probably disappear for an entire week.

Remember, cats have to scratch, to sharpen and strengthen their claws so providing them with a scratch post will go a long way towards stopping them taking it out on your furniture. These can be acquired fairly cheaply from any good pet store.

To keep a cat happy, a good secure home with a happy atmosphere, keeping them well fed, with somewhere warm and comfortable to sleep. The basic necessities. That is all they really ask of you. In return you will have a friendly happy pet cat rather that the pet from hell.

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