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How To Stop Bad Cat Behavior - The Humane Alternative To Cat Declawing

Despite the fact, most of the civilized world has banned the practice known as cat declawing, it is still carried out in fairly large numbers. Cat declawing is a barbaric practice that belongs in the time when people were ducked in ponds for being able to count past ten. In short, it belongs in the dark ages.

Cats can and do misbehave. Bad cat behaviour is something that every cat owner is going to have to put up with from time to time. This shouldn't come as a surprise to most people, what does come as a surprise, is that when tend to forget that cats are basically wild animals. Take away the collar, let it go without food for a few days and maybe leave it outside and the next time you see your cat it will most likely have a half dead sparrow or pigeon hanging from its chops just to remind you how wild it can be. Try to remember that cats are 90% feral. Just dangle a piece of string in front of it or leave a piece of raw meat on the side and watch it go to work in all its glory.

If however, your cat does have the tendency to act up and scratch a few things from time to time, this should never be an excuse to have it declawed. There are alternatives to cat declawing and in this day and age of pets being the huge institution that they are. There are countless training courses, professional guidances, tips, trick, scratching posts, scratching pads and a whole host of other things that will diffuse your cats need to wreak havoc on your home.

Cat declawing involves a medical procedure where quite literally, half of its foot is removed along with its claw, this is to ensure the claw does not ever grow back, effectively maiming your cat for life and causing it significant pain and discomfort. This is on a par with having half of each finger chopped of so that your nails do not ever grow back. It is a sick practice and never need take place. If your are unsure as to whether you would like a cat to tear your furniture up from time to time, the best advice would be not to get a cat in the first place. list many notable resources and techniques for true humane alternatives to declawing your cat. Cat declawing belongs in the dark ages, let's leave it there.

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