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Imagine that, Adopt a Cat! It's Easy, It's Fun And It's A Wonderful Way To Add A Cat To Your Family

Cats in shelters get a bad rap. People assume if they are there, it's because they are dirty, unloving, and don't make good pets. People bypass the cat and go for the tiny kittens. Although there's nothing wrong with getting a kitten from a shelter, there's something truly special about a cat that's lived a mile or two on this planet.

Fluffy is there for no other reason than someone else couldn't give her the love and justice she needed. Look at the big kitties. They are just begging you for a scratch behind the ears, a cuddle, and some lovin'. Just because they are older, doesn't mean they won't play either, bring a piece of string, you will find the playful one you are looking for.

Imagine Fluffy is a six year old cat that has obviously eaten well, but sits there month after month because she's a little more docile and is a little bit older. These older cats have much to offer. If you are looking for someone to give lots of love too and someone who will give lots of love in return, one of these older cats may be the right choice for you.

Shelters have been known to find homes for cats in their senior years too, although this is rare. A cat being older doesn't mean he or she isn't going to be a good cat. She may not leap and play any more, she may not even help catch mice, but she will give you all the loving days she has left without question.

What about a cat with a few minor health issues? What if fluffy didn't have four legs and was left with only three? Would she be any less loveable? Fluffy just wants to be loved, without reservation. She's already been through enough; she just wants to have a reason to purr.

You could go to your local pet store or to a neighbours home for a kitten, but what a joy it is to find a cat who will simply be content to cuddle. The big rambunctious play days may be gone, but that doesn't mean she's lost her spunk. Cats have a way of talking to you, let the cat choose you, they often do anyways, don't they? A cat's love is truly PURRFECT, with the right cat; you will have that purrfect friend you've been looking for.

Pet adoption is a great way to give these older cats a chance for love and life, next time you consider adding a feline to your home, consider adoption; it's a life you will be happy you saved.

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