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Information Regarding the Burmilla Cat

A new cat breed, Burmilla is thought to have originated in United Kingdom in the early nineteen eighties through accidental mating of a Burmese female with a Chinchilla male cat. The resulting kittens were so attractive and pleasant in temperament that a formal breeding program was initiated. Even as they are not universally recognized, their development continues, with occasional outcrossing to their parent breeds in order to maintain certain physical and behavioral traits. They are accepted in Britain though, with championship status and official recognition coming in nineteen nineties.

Medium sized felines, Burmillas are similar to the Burmese in their physical structure. Body type is foreign. Though traditionally shorthaired cats, Burmillas also have longhaired and plush coats. Recognized colors include brown, chocolate, blue, lilac and black. Both shaded and tipped patterns exist. Ideally there should be minimal tabby or tortoiseshell markings. Eyes are pretty and occur in varying shades of green. They have a lining around them, adding to the facial beauty of the cat.

Burmillas have a personality that is between those of their parent Persian and Burmese breeds. They are loving and placid like Persian Chinchillas and outgoing and active like the Burmese. The combination is a unique cat with a near ideal temperament and attitude.

Active cats, Burmillas are not overly demanding. They spend lots of time daily playing with their toys and enjoying themselves. They are independent and confident cats. At times they can be a little destructive towards house furniture and for this reason it is best to provide them with scratching posts and other feline friends for company. Burmillas are extroverts by nature and go along well with all members of the family including children and other pets. With their easy going and fun loving way of life, they make perfect companions for most ailurophiles.

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